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It has been one month since Mile or More aka "Miler" was rescued and taken into our sanctuary at New Hope Ranch. As you can see, he has come a long way in a relatively short period of time and still has more to go.

Red came to New Hope from a caring family who was trying to help the animal and realized it was more than they could handle. Red has made a full recovery. Amazing what proper calories can do for an animal in trouble.

Because the cost of feed for horses has gone through the roof with no hint of prices coming down, there will be more horses in trouble like the two above.

For those owners who feel overwhelmed financially with their horse/horses, that what is best for the animal and find them a new home, if possible, or humanely have them euthanized. Don't let them get to the condition of Red or Miler - or worse. Starvation is an extremely slow and suffering death. In the old days, anyone who allowed an animal to suffer neglect, starvation, abuse or death were charged with a class one misdemeanor. Since 2000, the law changed. It is now a Class 6 felony (Arizona RevisedStatute Section 13-2910) and subject to jail or prison.

Keep an eye open in your neighborhood or community. If you see horses deteriorating that were once healthy, call the Arizona Livestock Division in Phoenix. Their number is 1(800) 294-0305. Ask them to do a welfare check on the animals. Don't assume somebody else will call

Be proactive and diligent. If the livestock inspector does not get back to you in a reasonable time, call again. If you feel you are not being heard or ignored or brushed off by your local livestock inspector, then call again and ask to speak to their supervisor and go up the chain of command until the matter is properly handled. It could be the animal has a medical that has caused the problem. Fine. A welfare check still needs to be requested and followed up by you.

Neglected animals have no voice. We need to be the squeaky wheel to get the attention of local officials and not turn a blind eye to a problem that I am afraid is only going to get worse.

Thank you.
Lon & Heidi Anderson
Owners of New Hope Ranch Sanctuary


If you think you have time to volunteer, please stop by or drop us an email. All help is appreciated.

With the increased cost of feed, supplies and veterinary care, any small donation would be greatly appreciated.

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